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Dean Madonia: VIDEO LINKS


"Shadow To Shadow" is the title track to my 29 song Rock Opera/concept CD based on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein."
Silence is not always golden. Here is "Fool's Gold" from "S2S"
This song is from a side project I did with Greg Curvey. Greg sang and played guitar and drums. I sang backups and played bas and keys. This song was in the movie "The Stream."
LYRIC VIDEO for "When He Plays His Guitar."
From "S2S"
Little Boy Blue OFFICIAL
From my country CD "Country and Midwestern." I wrote this for my beautiful son, Wolfgang. He was starting to lock the door so I couldn't leave.

Dean Covers

Let's Dance (David Bowie)
Here is a video I made of David Bowie's "Let's Dance." I worked myself into a deep funk on the day he died and started playing the piano. This was shot live with a zoom video recorder.
Walking in Memphis
I had just discovered that I could record live with my MacBook Pro built-in camera and mic, so I opened up the laptop, set it on my piano and did "Walking In Memphis." Not the best version, but a great crowd!
Crimson Courtiers Highlights - Elkhart, IN
This is a tribute band I put together for a prog festival after Greg Lake and John Wetton passed away.
Parade - Kevin Gilbert cover
I had just learned this song (not exactly correct) and wanted to try out my new Zoom video camera. Live, straight into the camera. Warts and all.


All For My Calliope - LYRIC VIDEO
A lyric video for my new song "All For My Calliope" which is the working title track for my upcoming CD
This is an angry Trump rant. If you are a fan of Trump, you would probably not like me very much. Though you might still enjoy my music. I won't blame you if you don't listen. I'm a man of principles myself, so I understand. Well. There go half of my fans? I doubt it. Most of the people who like my music, like the message. I'm a liberal, left-over hippy. This song was recorded immediately after the first "Muslim Ban." I played all of the instruments and it shows (not in a good way)! I am considering a rewrite with a more positive message and including it on my new CD.
Somewhere Far Away
This is just a random song I came up with. There is a video, but no lyrics. I may include this sometime on a new CD.
Why Do You Hate the Way I Love
I was scheduled to perform for WIDR Kalamazoo and I wanted to try out this new song I had just finished. This one may be on the New CD.
Be the King Again
I wrote this song with my friend Brian Gaskill. Brian is a famous soap opera actor and also a poet. He came up with this idea and I made it into a song. Unreleased

Live Videos

What Do You Feel? (LIVE @ Row Kitchen, Nashville)
Val and I performing "What Do You Feel" with our friend Glenn on the Cajone at the Row Kitchen.
Running From the Moon (LIVE @ Basemment, Nashville 2014)
A song from a rare night of performances of music from "Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein"
Walking the Solitude (LIVE @ The Basement, Nashville)
3/4 of the band playing at the Basement in Nashville, TN. Yes, that's me playing electric!
Just Like Love LIVE
This is from one of my rounds at the Bluebird in Nashville, TN. "Just Like Love" is a song from a side project with my friend Greg Curvey. This song appeared in the movie "The Stream"
The Light Of Reason (LIVE @ the Exit/In Nashville)
Me playing the electric guitar again with my Nashville band: Val Lupescu - guitar, Travis Vance - bass, Michael Walter - drums
Little Boy Blue LIVE + interview
Interview and video shot by Brian Gaskill.
Deep Sky (Live Otsego High School Auditorium 1997)
I was asked to come home to perform at a tribute for my former teacher, Richard Hintz at his retirement. I had just finish this one on the plane. I didn't really know how to perform it yet, but I was excited to share it.
Full Fathom Five - WGVU Kalamazoo Lively Art
Full Fathom Five - WGVU Kalamazoo Lively Arts/Music Hop This song is from the CD "The Light Of Reason." I ripped the crotch of my pants right before I performed - all the way down my leg. Fav old pair of jeans. I was sweating bullets after my wife brought a new pair of pants and I changed and set up quickly. Took about 5 songs to get in the zone.
Indie Bohemians on 107 FM Nashville - interview and performance
If you have an hour to kill. Interesting side note - Ron Placone is a brilliant stand-up comedian and now a commentator on the YTY
The Big Crunch WGVU Kalamazoo Lively Arts
The Big Crunch at Tibbs Brewing during "Music Hop" and filmed for WGVU "Kalamazoo Lively Arts"
The Big Crunch (LIVE @ Hard Rock Cafe Miami 1999)
The Big Crunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, FL with the Dean Madonia Band (featuring the "Livid Strings")
The Promise (LIVE @ the Commodore 2014)
"The Promise" from S2S, live at the Commodore in Nashville, TN. A stripped down version.
Who Doesn't Love A Christmas Song? LYRIC VIDEO
"WHO DOESN'T LOVE A CHRISTMAS SONG?" Good question. I wrote this when I was in Nashville, TN. I was traveling weekly then and I saw and talked to a lot of servicemen and women heading to or from the Middle East. I met people from all walks of life. I had this idea after talking to a doctor who was working through Christmas at the hospital.
Without a Net (LIVE @ Hard Rock Cafe 1998)
Me performing a song I wrote for my Friend Melissa who was killed in a car crash. Featuring the "Livid Strings."
One Good Woman Away - interview and song @ Bluebird Cafe
My friend and occasional cowriter of mine filmed this for me in Nashville. Notice I broke my promise and left Nashville before I had a #1. Unless you count my son Wolfgang. He was and is my #1 son!

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